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We keep our promises and take responsibility for our work.


As a construction company, we have both the opportunity and the duty to build a more sustainable future. Assuming responsibility has always been at the core of our work at Jatke. We are a company with a great work
environment for our employees. We follow through on what we’ve agreed with clients and take responsibility for our work.

ESG and sustainability are present in all areas of Jatke’s strategy. In 2022, the development of ESG was focused on the most relevant issues to the company’s operations and the selection of significant topics.

ESG targets and metrics


Resource-efficient construction

We pay special attention to material efficiency at our sites. At Jatke, this means cutting down the amount of waste from building materials and improving the processes for sorting and recycling. In our construction, we strive for sustainable and energy efficient solutions and minimize the environmental impact of our operations throughout the building’s lifecycle.

With respect to the reduction of waste, site coverage of the figures is also reported. Waste volumes do not include waste from demolition work carried out by subcontractors. An investigation into the monitoring of these volumes will be started in 2023. The recycling rate excludes all recycling that takes place as a result of sorting carried out outside Jatke’s construction sites.

Regarding the reduction of emissions and electricity consumption on construction sites, the share of Jatke’s sites covered by the figures is also reported. Initially, only construction sites are included in the measurement of electricity consumption, as they account for the majority of the company’s electricity consumption compared to its offices. Jatke has offices in four locations. In terms of energy efficiency, the share of self-development projects that have reached or exceeded the energy efficiency index referred to in the EU taxonomy is reported.


Best employee experience in the industry

Ensuring a safe work environment for each employee at Jatke’s offices and sites is our top priority. We are committed to developing occupational safety and wellbeing at work. We genuinely care about our personnel and work to ensure that our employee satisfaction remains at an excellent level. We develop
our systems and practices by listening to our employees, and our goal is to provide the best employee experience in the industry. We offer traineeships and work opportunities in the construction industry for students in the field.

We measure employee experience with a net promoter score (NPS)* given by employees. The score for employee satisfaction is obtained through Jatke’s personnel survey (average on a scale of 1–5). The number of trainees is based on information obtained from the HR system.

Accident frequency is calculated by using a standardised calculation method. A general, statutory definition is used for determining which accidents are serious.


Responsible governance

At Jatke, good governance means open and transparent operations. We are committed to sustainable procurements, and require our partners to also act sustainably. We observe Jatke’s Corporate Governance Code in all our decision-making.

The metric for combating the shadow economy, the suppliers admitted to the supplier register, is obtained from Jatke’s own supplier register, which is cross-checked with Vastuu Group’s database. The metric for transparent business is the number of suspected cases of abuse processed by the company, with the number obtained through the reporting channel to be introduced in early 2023, with a company-external party processing any identifiable suspected cases of abuse. The data for 2022 was obtained from the organisation in charge of the company’s legal affairs.

Resource-efficient constructionReduction of wasteRecycling rate
Amount of waste
31 %
22 kg/m2
Reduction of emissionsElectricity consumed
Energy efficiency
Carbon footprint of self-development projects
17 MWh/M€
78 %
Best employee experience in the industryOccupational safetyAccident frequency
Serious accidents
Employee experienceEmployee satisfaction
Employee net promoter score
Cooperation with studentsNumber of trainees58
Responsible governanceCombatting the shadow economySuppliers admitted to the supplier register206 new
Transparent businessProcessed cases of abuse0

Cooperation and networks

Jatke is a member of Green Building Council Finland, a cooperation network for sustainability in the built environment, which promotes awareness, expertise and practices related to the sustainable development of the built environment as part of the operations of the real estate and construction cluster.

As a member of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI), which promotes the interests of the construction industry, Jatke adheres to CFCI’s guidelines and participates in its activities, such as in the development of occupational safety, by participating in occupational safety campaigns and by encouraging personnel to make occupational safety observations.

As a member of the Association for Finnish Work, Jatke contributes to the creation of jobs in Finland, strengthening well-being in terms of both the economy and society.

Jatke is part of the Building 2030 consortium, through which leading companies in the construction industry and Aalto University jointly develop and promote the vision for the Finnish construction industry for 2030 and prepare for digitalisation, rapid urbanisation and climate change.


Jatke participates in the RAIN3 research and development project, which aims to continue and boost change in the construction industry and supports the goals of the real estate and construction sector related to the implementation of Lean principles and methods for improving client value, productivity enhancement, people development and the green transition.