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Jatke builds homes and workspaces that people feel inspired to be and live in. To succeed, all the bases must be covered. This means that there are no surprises in our schedules or costs and we always deliver what has been agreed upon with the customer. Our goal in the 2020s is to become known as one of the best Finnish construction companies. Success isn’t achieved by accident, but by unyielding cooperation.

Jatke Oy was founded in 2009 and it operates as the parent company of the Jatke Group. The company is domiciled in Helsinki where it also has its headquarters.

In 2012, Jatke Uusimaa Oy was established to be responsible for the group’s residential construction operations in the Helsinki metropolitan area. In 2016, the business in the Turku region was incorporated and Jatke Länsi-Suomi Oy was established. At the beginning of 2019, the residential construction, commercial construction and renovation businesses in the Tampere region were incorporated as Jatke Pirkanmaa Oy and the group’s facade renovation business as Jatke Julkisivut Oy.

The parent company Jatke Oy’s operations in the Helsinki metropolitan area cover commercial construction and renovation. Jatke Oy is also responsible for the Group’s joint financial administration as well as human resources, legal matters and communications.

What we value

  • We are a company with a great work environment
  • Our employees make independent decisions and assume responsibilities
  • At Jatke, quality means that there are no schedule surprises. We always deliver what has been agreed upon with the customer


Seamless cooperation both internally and externally is a guarantee for the best result.

At Jatke, this is the foundation of all of our operations.

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